Valves & Accessories

Valves and accessories for fluid control systems.

Valves and accessories are critical components in fluid control systems. These precision instruments regulate the flow of liquids or gases, ensuring efficient and safe operations in industries such as petrochemicals, water treatment, and manufacturing.


Ball Valves

Versatile ball valves providing precise control over fluid flow in industrial applications for enhanced efficiency.

Valves & Accessories

Valve Accessories

Essential accessories complementing valves, optimizing functionality and extending equipment life.


Check Valves

Reliable one-way flow control valves for preventing backflow, ensuring smooth and efficient fluid systems.


Butterfly Valves

Efficient butterfly valves for regulating fluid flow with precision, ideal for various industrial processes.

Gate Valves

Robust gate valves, offering tight shut-off in pipelines, enhancing control and reliability in fluid systems.

Globe Valves

Precision-engineered globe valves, controlling flow and pressure in pipelines with accuracy and durability.


Diverse valves catering to specific industrial needs, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

Control Valves

Advanced control valves, enhancing process automation and ensuring precise control in industrial settings.


High-performance actuators providing automated control for valves, optimizing efficiency in industrial processes.