Tools designed for precise drilling tasks.

Drilling tools are specialized implements designed for specific tasks in drilling operations. Ranging from drill bits to retrieval tools, these instruments are tailored for accuracy and efficacy in diverse drilling environments.


Derrick Floor Tools

Essential tools for derrick floor operations, ensuring safe and efficient handling during drilling activities.

Drilling Machine

Swivels, Circulating Heads & Standpipe Connections

High-quality swivels, circulating heads, and standpipe connections for efficient fluid circulation in drilling operations.

Pipe Racking System Parts and Accessories

Explore our pipe racking system parts and accessories, optimizing pipe handling and storage in drilling operations.

Tools, Pressure Testing

High-quality pressure testing tools, ensuring the integrity of wellbore equipment and systems.

Scrapers, Casing & Tubing

Efficient scrapers for casing and tubing, ensuring wellbore cleanliness and integrity.

Blowout Preventer Parts and Accessories

High-quality parts and accessories for blowout preventers, ensuring well control and safety.

Wellhead, Handling Tools & Parts, Accessories

Explore our wellhead handling tools and accessories, ensuring safe and efficient wellhead operations.


Conveyor and Auger System

Reliable conveyor and auger systems for seamless material handling, optimizing efficiency in various industrial applications.


Hoisting Equipment

Crown & Travelling Blocks: Explore our high-capacity hoisting equipment for efficient rig operations, featuring durable crown and travelling blocks.

Pipe, Drill, and Drill Pipe, Pup Joints

Precision-engineered pipe, drill, and pup joints for secure and reliable wellbore construction in drilling operations.

Kellies, Kelly, Spinners & Power Subs

Explore our range of kellies, kellys, spinners, and power subs, enhancing drilling efficiency and reliability.

Iron Roughneck Systems & Parts

Cutting-edge iron roughneck systems and parts for automated pipe handling, improving safety and efficiency.

Valves - Float for Drill Pipe and Inside BOP's

Precision float valves for drill pipes and inside BOPs, ensuring controlled fluid flow and pressure management.

Drill Stem Substitutes

Reliable drill stem substitutes for various applications, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in wellbore operations.

Testing Equipment, Formation (Well Test)

Explore our well test formation testing equipment, ensuring accurate assessment of reservoir characteristics.

Motors, Downhole Drilling, Turbines

Durable downhole drilling motors and turbines, providing reliable power for drilling operations.

Tools, Directional Drilling

Precision tools for directional drilling, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in wellbore placement.

Misc. Drill Stem Material

Various drill stem materials for specific applications, ensuring versatility in drilling operations.