General Services

Diverse support services for industries.

General services provide a broad spectrum of support functions to industries. From logistics to facility management, these services are instrumental in maintaining operational efficiency and supporting diverse business needs.


Civil Work Requisites

Essential requisites for civil work projects, ensuring efficient construction and infrastructure development.

General Services


Quality textiles for uniforms, safety gear, and other industrial applications.

Stationeries & Periodicals

Office supplies and periodicals for administrative and informational needs.

Sourcing of Material/Spares for General-Purpose Use

Comprehensive sourcing services for a wide range of materials and spares, catering to general industrial needs.


Aviation Requisites

Explore aviation requisites, ensuring smooth and efficient air transportation services.


Landscaping/Gardening Material

High-quality landscaping and gardening materials, enhancing green spaces in industrial settings.

General Use Materials

Explore general-use materials, meeting diverse application needs in various industries.


Unique and thoughtful gifts, perfect for corporate occasions and expressing appreciation.

Sport Equipment & Requisites

Explore our range of sports equipment and requisites, promoting a healthy and active workplace.

Offices & Household Requisites

Essential requisites for offices and households, ensuring convenience and functionality.

Office Equipment/Furniture

Functional and ergonomic office equipment and furniture for industrial workspaces.

Transportation & Related Materials

Materials and services related to transportation, facilitating efficient logistics in industrial operations.

Warehouse Requisites

Essential materials for efficient warehouse management and operations.