Fishing & Repair

Tools and services for drilling equipment maintenance.

Fishing and repair tools are essential in maintaining and optimizing drilling equipment. These specialized tools are designed for retrieval and repair operations, ensuring the longevity and reliability of drilling assets.

Fishing & Repair

Fishing and Repair Tools

Explore our range of fishing and repair tools, essential for recovering lost or stuck equipment in wells.


Cutters, Casing, Drill Pipe & Tubing, Mechanical

Precision mechanical cutters for efficient cutting of casing, drill pipe, and tubing in drilling operations.


Junk Baskets & Catchers

Reliable junk baskets and catchers for effective removal of debris from the wellbore during drilling.


Jars, Test Tools, Bumper Subs, Downhole Heave Compensators

Tools for downhole jar action, testing, and compensation in drilling activities.


Efficient overshots for retrieving tubulars or other objects from the wellbore, ensuring successful fishing operations.